Nandi Divine Flora Incense Review

Nandi Divine Flora Incense Sticks

Nandi Divine Flora incense sticks are made by A.V. Aswathiah & Brothers in India.

These come in typical Indian-styled packaging, which is adorned with images of fragrant flowers. One side seems to be in English, while the other side must be in their native language.


This is a spicy durbar incense with a heavy floral push. It’s tough to pick out many individual notes, but there is definitely a mix of flowers, with honey, spices, and some resinous components. It’s very complex and there’s a lot going on in the aroma profile.

Supposedly this product is all-natural.

Nandi Divine Flora is a wonderful durbar incense which I believe everybody should try. However, I have noticed that sometimes this incense varies in quality a little. I am not sure why this is, but sometimes it is a very divine smell, and sometimes it seems a bit more muted.

Although these incense sticks are lovely, they can sometimes be a bit intense. They pack a lot of fragrance into these things and some people may find them a little overwhelming.

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