Nippon Kodo Daigen Koh Rosewood Incense Review

Nippon Kodo Daigen Koh Incense Sticks

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Today I am reviewing Nippon Kodo Daigen Koh Rosewood incense sticks.

Rosewood incense sticks aren’t usually to common and are often a bit hard to find.

This is one of the few offerings of rosewood incense which is available.

The price is also comparatively low compared to other Japanese incense manufacturers.


The aroma of this incense stick seems to be primarily a combination of sandalwood and rosewood. I wouldn’t say it smells like a freshly cut rosewood log, but it does have some of the mid-note spunk. The sandalwood has just as much of a presence. Creamy woody notes at the mid to top range.

The Chinese herbs give it a bit of an herbaceous character, while the spices round out the edges. There is definitely something a bit grassy in the fragrance profile.

It’s enjoyable and has a calming scent.

A bit tranquil in nature.

I imagine this would be a decent choice for meditation or yoga.

They do burn a little faster then I expected though, considering the size of these incense sticks. Nippon Kodo states these burn for 70 minutes, but mine do not seem to burn that long.

Unfortunately, it smells a bit of perfume and I am not sure if this is a natural incense or not. Nippon Kodo is known to manufacture a large variety of incense styles and product lines. Some of their products seem natural, but some other products are believed to contain synthetic fragrances. I believe this is a quality product, but it’s unclear whether it is natural or not. Perhaps I will contact Nippon Kodo and ask for more information. If I do, I will update this post at a later date.

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