Nippon Kodo Tranquility Incense Review

Nippon Kodo Meikoh Shibayama incense sticks

Today I am reviewing Nippon Kodo Tranquility (Meikoh Shibayama) incense sticks.

These are low-smoke incense sticks and are formulated to smell like sandalwood and flowers, a pretty popular incense fragrance.

Origin: Japan
Fragrance: Sandalwood and flowers.
Burn time: Approximately 30 minutes.


These smell similar to the description, in that these smell like sandalwood and flowers, just a little sweet, but yet the scent is clearly coming from an oil rather then genuine sandalwood. It almost smells like a fine perfume.

These honestly smell pretty good. The fragrance seemed a little light at first but seemed to build up as the incense stick burned. A little sweet but they definitely are not cloying or offensive to the olfactory senses in any way.

I’m not usually a fan of low-smoke incense sticks but I enjoyed burning these. They smell close to similar competing products. Next time I might burn 2 sticks at once and see how it goes, as I can often get a better sense for low-smoke incense when burning 2 sticks, rather then one.

Have you tried Nippon Kodo Meikoh Shibayama incense sticks?

Let us know what you thought about them in the comment section below!

One thought on “Nippon Kodo Tranquility Incense Review

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    Zofia T Wyszynski says:

    Although I very much like incense, I have never used a lot because it gives me a headache. However, after a neighbor recommended Nippon Kodo Meikoh Shibayama incense sticks, I am able to enjoy the fragrance of incense without the headaches!

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