Pure Incense Blue Lotus Absolute Incense Review

pure incense blue lotus absolute incense sticks

Today I am reviewing Pure Incense Blue Lotus Absolute incense sticks.

I have tried other Pure Incense blends in the past, but never their blue lotus formulation. Their incense sticks are generally well-received, however, they do charge quite a bit more then most of their competitors.

The blue lotus flower has a deep history within many cultures throughout the world.

It became symbolic of strength and purity because the lotus flower begins it’s life in the mud, but eventually shows it’s leaves and flowers far above the mud.

The Egyptians are believed to have been the first ones to revere the sacred flower. For example, remnants of blue lotus flowers were found scattered across Tutankhamun’s body when his tomb was found in 1922.

In South Asia, such as in Hindu or Buddhist cultures, it is thought to be symbolic of spiritual awakening and eternal wisdom.

Pure Incense describes these incense sticks as:

A very popular incense, feminine, ethereal and slightly sweet scent. Brings joy and sensuality. A narcotic floral experience.


The first thing I noticed about this incense is that the stick itself is a beautiful hue of purple. This makes me think perhaps there is real blue lotus flower in this blend.

This incense has a very sweet and floral aroma. It’s a bit captivating. A warm vanilla seems to wrap itself around the blue lotus flowers. There is some sandalwood in there as well, but it doesn’t seem to be the main focus.

I also detect the scent of tree resins in the mix. I am not sure which resins they used in this incense, but I believe it to be a mixed blend.

These are described as ‘ethereal’ and I definitely find myself agreeing with that. The scent has a wispy sort of quality, while still remaining quite pungent.

Although I believe they put real blue lotus in the formulation, I believe a reasonable amount of the scent comes from natural essential oils.

These incense sticks smell incredibly natural and I will probably burn through this pack of twenty incense sticks long before I grow tired of them.

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