Rising Phoenix Perfume Asian Pear Senkoh Incense Review

Rising Phoenix Perfume Asian Pear Senkoh Incense Sticks

Today I am reviewing Rising Phoenix Perfume Asian Pear Senkoh incense sticks.

I was sent a stick and a half of these incense sticks as a sample.

This incense formulation consists of Asian goose pear, Mysore sandalwood and Vietnamese agarwood.

JK DeLapp says that the juices of the Asian pear were stirred and steamed in a solid silver pot alongside Mysore sandalwood and Vietnamese agarwood until the juices dried. That material was then used to make these incense sticks.


It’s not to often that I come across something new in the world of incense.

This is something new.

I didn’t expect Asian pear to be the dominating fragrance note. I thought that the Vietnamese agarwood and Mysore sandalwood might overpower the delicate fruit notes. I was wrong.

Juicy notes of Asian pear flow out of the smoke, while Mysore sandalwood gives it a true incense vibe. It’s on the sweeter side, but it’s not cloying. The scent is juicy and reminds me of biting into an Asian pear. I didn’t notice much agarwood at first, but it showed it’s presence about the time the stick had finished burning and showed some classic bitter notes.

I thought these were extremely enjoyable and if you enjoy Asian pear then there is no doubt that you would love these. A truly unique incense experience. I’ve never smelled anything like it.

Have you tried Rising Phoenix Perfume Asian Pear Senkoh incense sticks?

Let us know what you thought about them in the comment section below!

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