Rising Phoenix Perfumes Mysore Sandalwood Incense Sticks 2018 Review

Rising Pheonix Perfumes Sandalwood Incense Sticks

I received these Mysore sandalwood incense sticks from Rising Phoenix Perfumes.

These were supposedly made in 2018 from old Mysore sandalwood bead scrap.


There are definitely classic sandalwood notes there, such as sweet wood, milk, butter, and cream. I can almost smell a faint scent of spice, like cinnamon or clove, which could be from either the makko powder or the sandalwood itself.

This is a decent Mysore sandalwood incense, but I’m not sure if I would place it in the same league as some of the top Japanese incense houses.

The sticks also burn reasonably quickly.

There’s really nothing wrong with these incense sticks, but I wouldn’t personally call them top-quality Mysore sandalwood. In my opinion, it’s probably mid-grade sandalwood, which is still rather nice.

Have you tried Rising Phoenix Perfume’s 2018 Mysore sandalwood incense sticks?

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