Seikado Gokujo Green Oil Kyara Incense Review

Seikado Gokujo Kyara Incense Sticks

Today I am lucky enough to be trying one of Seikado’s more premium incense blends.

This one is called Seikado Gokujo Green Oil Kyara.

I purchased this as a part sampler assortment of Seikado’s premium incense sticks. This particular one is one of the more expensive offerings.

As many of you know, green oil kyara is quite a rare and expensive material to procure, so I’m interested in Seikado’s iteration of this incense style.

Main Ingredient: Green oil kyara
Length: Approximately 6.5″
Burn Time: Approximately 35 minutes.
Company: Seikado


I was originally surprised that the bare stick did not have a strong aroma.

However, upon lighting the incense stick, I was immediately blessed with a signature kyara aroma. Dark, musky notes . Bitter with tinges of salt. Even a bit sour at times. The smell is deep and complex, but probably not as deep, or ‘cooling’ as Shoyeido Translucent Path. Although, the scent does seem pure.

A lovely kyara incense. These are probably cheaper in Japan, but here in the United States of America, they are perhaps a tad overpriced. Still, this is a respectable incense formulation, and definitely worth trying.

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