Seikado Spring Glory Incense Review

Memories of Japan Incense Sticks

Brand: Seikado

Model: Spring Glory

So, I picked up this ‘Memories of Japan’ incense stick assortment pack along with a recent order of mine. It was on sale, and I figured, for the low-price, it would be hard to go wrong.

This pack comes with 16 different fragrances. The sticks are, for the most part, different colors. The packaging says that the manufacturer is ‘Awaji Island Koh-shi’. The incense assortment is made by various other incense manufacturers and sold by Awaji Island Koh-shi.

Anyways, first up is this ‘Spring Glory’ fragrance.

I looked up this incense and found out that it is made by Seikado.


I immediately notice that the incense stick is relatively smokey. The fragrance has a heavy floral scent, but to me, it seems cloying. I would be interested to know what type of flowers were in this fragrance.

Unfortunately the smoke has some strange characteristic which my nose does not seem to enjoy, but if you’re into heavy floral fragrances, you may like this one.

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