Seikado Zuiun Incense Review

Seikado Zuiun Aloeswood Incense Sticks

I received this Seikado Zuiun incense stick in a Seikado sampler assortment which I purchased.

Seikado is a well-respected Japanese incense manufacturer, specializing in high-end aloeswood incense sticks.

Main Ingredients: Aloeswood and others.
Length: Approximately 6.5″
Burn Time: Approximately 35 minutes.
Company: Seikado


This smells quite peculiar.

It’s hard to put my nose on it.

This are an aloeswood-based incense formulation and you can certainly pick that up, but it’s a very gentle aloeswood. There’s either not a lot of it in there, or it simply wasn’t that resinous.

I’ve read online that this made from “fine Siamu aloeswood”.

I do smell a reasonable amount of benzoin.

There is something else in there too. It smells a bit floral.

For a second there, I thought I smelled a citrus aroma, but my ending conclusion is that I’m actually not sure.

Have you tried Seikado Zuiun incense sticks?

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