Shunkohdo Ka Cho Fu Getsu Incense Review

Shunkohdo Ka Cho Fu Getsu Incense Sticks

Today I am reviewing Shunkohdo “Ka Cho Fu Getsu” incense sticks.

Translated, the name means:

“Ka” = Flower
“Cho” = Bird
“Fu” = Wind
“Getsu” = Moon

This incense formulation is intended to give the feeling of nature.


This is actually rather nice. It combines a blend of various Indonesian agarwood, Chinese medicinal herbs, a huge bouquet of spices, and just a tad bit of camphor.

What really stands out though is the immense bouquet of spices.

It’s quite dark smelling.

The clove and cinnamon certainly take the stage, so to speak.

Most of the fragrance profile is a bit dry, probably partially due to the Chinese herbs, but the cinnamon adds a touch of sweetness.

The camphor adds a slightly ethereal feeling.

I wasn’t originally sure if I was going to enjoy this one due to all of the spices I could smell directly off the unlit stick, but it turned out to be very nice.

Have you tried Shunkohdo Ka Cho Fu Getsu incense sticks?

Let us know what you thought about them in the comment section below!

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