Sumbawa Agarwood Chip Review

Sumbawa Agarwood Chips

Another wild agarwood chip received from JK Delapp of Rising Phoenix Perfumeries.

This particular agarwood comes from Sumbawa, which is a section of the Lesser Sunda Islands. This is an area close to Timor, which is a region of the world famous for it’s wild sandalwood. Timor is on the East, while Sumbawa is located towards the center of the island formations.

Origin: Sumbawa
Class: Wild
Species: Gyrinops versteegii


These agarwood chips were heated on a subitism incense burner.

Earthy oudh, a little sweet, a bit mossy, with some dark forest notes. Not much resinous boom. The base notes are lacking, so to speak. A bit similar to the Timor agarwood chips I previously reviewed, but unique in their own right.

Once I turned the heat up higher on these Sumbawa chips, I noticed a scent which almost reminds me of camphor, but there is some sort of astringent quality to it as well. Towards the end, notes of incense, coffee and vanilla seem to appear. Despite the certain astringent quality to it, there is a certain smoothness to it.

The fragrance on these chips seems to project a bit better then the Timor chips.

Very enjoyable, but they are not high-resin chips.

I have smelled similar scents in some Japanese incense sticks before, but this is a very interesting scent nonetheless.

Have you tried Sumbawa agarwood chips?

Let us know what you thought about them in the comment section below!

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