Tara Healing Incense Cones Review

Tara Healing Incense Cones

Today I am going to be reviewing Tara healing incense cones made by Tashi Choeling Monastery in India. I don’t know much about this monastery but because it’s location is printed on the front of the container, I was able to find the temple online. Apparently, you can visit it, if you wish.

I’m not sure what the retail price is for these, but I paid about $4 from a wholesale distributor.

Tara Healing Incense Cones Packaging

The packaging for these incense cones is pretty simple. I received in plastic jar with a screw-on lid. The jar is affixed with a small label. Inside the jar are loose incense cones.

That’s about all there is to it. I’m not even sure how many incense cones I received because the quantity isn’t mentioned on the label.

It appears to be marketed as a ‘healing’ incense, and since it is made in a Monastery, I assume it is crafted according to Ayurvedic systems, but you would have to ask the Monastery to be sure. There is a phone number on the package you can call if you so choose to.

Tara Healing Incense Cones Review

This is a tough incense cone to review. Clearly the incense cone is made from natural materials. It smells mostly of dried and burning herbs, such as chamomile, and other herb and flowers.

There doesn’t seem to be any plant oils or extracts contained within this incense and so the smell is very natural.

It smells similar to some low to mid grade Tibetan styled incense. It’s enjoyable, but smells perhaps a little dry. It’s not to harsh smelling, but there are some pushy elements in it’s composure. It also has a bit of that camp-fire smell, but personally, I smell mostly dried herbs and flowers.

I actually like these and would burn these again. The scent actually made me feel quite calm. However, if you’re into the more perfumed variety of incense, or you simply don’t have a ‘seasoned nose’, then these may not be for you.


These incense cones appear to be natural and of decent quality. However, you would probably only like these if you are into strong herbal smelling incense cones.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

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