Tennendo Frankincense Incense Review

Tennendo Frankincense Incense Sticks

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Today’s review is for Tennendo frankincense incense sticks.

Tennendo states that these incense sticks are made from authentic Omani frankincense resin. Omani frankincense resin has historically been considered one of the highest quality resins available. The frankincense production is currently overseen by the Sultanate of Oman.

Main Ingredients: Frankincense
Length: 5.5″
Burn Time: Approximately 25 minutes.
Company: Tennendo


Wow. These incense sticks smell like fruity frankincense resin before you even light them. You can’t see any visible resin in the incense sticks themselves, but you know it’s there from the scent.

Upon burning one of these, the room immediately lights up with notes of sweet resin, citrus fruit, and a warming note similar to a ginger lily flower.

These are probably the best smelling frankincense incense sticks I have ever tried. They smell like authentic, quality frankincense resin and I don’t smell much of any binders or fillers.

Well done Tennendo.

One thought on “Tennendo Frankincense Incense Review

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    Paul Caswell says:

    Transported straight to my old Anglo-Catholic roots, with frankincense smells coming from the swung thurible. For a stick, this is absolutely amazing stuff. As you state, there is absolutely no background smell of binders or whatever. This is absolutely phenomenal.

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