The Meaning & Benefits of Amber Resin

amber resin

Amber resin is an aromatic composite with a long history in South Asia, in regions such as India and Indonesia.

Other names for amber resin include:

  • India Amber
  • Himalayan Amber
  • Omber

Throughout history it was often considered sacred or even divine.

However, the aromatic resin which is sold on the modern market is not true amber. Rather, it is a composite made from styrax and other resins. True amber resin doesn’t have much of a fragrance and isn’t commonly sold anymore.

Ingredients often include: Frankincense, gum styrax, labdanum, myrrh, patchouli, sal tree, spices and vanilla.

These recipes are often heavily guarded and passed down from generation to generation.

Some families consider their amber resin recipe to be an heirloom.

Types of Amber Resin

There are a few different types of amber resin.

The most commonly sold types are:

  • Golden Amber
  • Dark Amber
  • Celestial Amber

The Scent of Amber Resin

Since amber resin is an aromatic composite, it’s scent can vary and change depending upon which ingredients the manufacturer used.

  • Golden amber has typically has warm vanilla undertones.
  • Dark amber often has added spices.
  • Celestial amber carries the aroma of patchouli.

How To Burn Amber Resin

Amber can be burned the same way you can burn any other type of resin.

Common methods include:

  • Charcoal
  • Electric resin warmer
  • Subitism incense burner

Other Uses For Amber Resin

Amber resin is commonly burned or heated by itself, but it is also used in incense and perfumes. Many people rub a little bit of the amber resin onto their clothes, as it smells truly delightful.

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