The Meaning & Benefits of Coconut Incense


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Incense comes in many shapes, forms and fragrances.

They make it out of nearly everything, including coconut!

Coconut incense is a popular fragrance and has cultural significance in many regions of the world.

Coconut has a fresh, sweet, creamy, and nut-like scent.

Many people find it relaxing and burn this type of incense before bed.

It’s a perfect everyday fragrance for people from all walks of life.

A variety incense styles are made with a coconut fragrance, including Indian incense sticks and incense cones, but it is not a common fragrance in Japanese styled incense sticks.

Benefits of Coconut Incense

  • Has a sweet, fresh and creamy aroma with nut-like overtones.
  • Many people find the fragrance relaxing, as it has a light, yet familiar fragrance.
  • Coconut-scented incense sticks are typically not very expensive.
  • It’s relatively efficient at covering up negative odors.

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