The Meaning & Beenfits of Dragons Blood Resin

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Dragon’s blood incense is a variety of incense which incorporates a bright red resin known as dragons blood resin.

These trees often hold a deep cultural significance to the communities around which they grow, presumably due to their strikingly unique appearance. These trees are native to Socotra archipelago, but some varieties can be found in other regions as well, such as Africa.

The resin harvested from these trees were eventually traded to ancient Europe via the ancient Incense Trade Route.

One interesting fact about dragons blood resin is that there are quite a few different varieties of trees which ‘dragons blood resin’ is harvested from, and they are not all related. This is one of the reasons why the scent of the resin can differ so much from batch to batch.

Plant Family: Palmae.

Synonyms: Calamus draconus, and Sanguis draconis.

Origin: South East Asia.

Parts Used: Tree resin.

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Dracaena cinnabari dragons blood tree
Dracaena Cinnabari, a tree which dragons blood resin can be harvested from.
Photo by Boris Khvostichenko

Why is it Called Dragons Blood?

Dragons blood resin can have colors ranging from a vibrant to deep red color, which is where the name comes from.

There are some medieval encyclopedias which even claim that dragons blood resin came from elephants and dragons, which of course isn’t true, but it’s interesting part of dragons blood mythology.

What is Dragons Blood Used For?

Historically, dragons blood resin had a wide range of uses including as a varnish, for incense, and even as a dye.

There are beautiful violins and artwork out there which have been stained with dragons blood resin, but one of the issues with this type of work is that the resin often bleaches out as it ages, particularly on instruments, because they are handled a lot.

Some cultures even used the resin in rituals and ceremonies, often as an offering to their deities.

Nowadays, many people simply enjoy the scent of dragons blood incense and enjoy burning it to scent their homes, although some also enjoy learning about the resin and it’s history and cultural impact.

What Does Dragons Blood Incense Smell Like?

The scent of dragons blood resin is earthy and dense, but it also has a musky, slightly sweet floral aspect to it, which can sometimes be rose-like.

Fragrance notes: Earth, musk, spice, slight sweetness, and rose.

However, as noted earlier in this article, the dragons blood resin sold on the common market can come from a variety of trees, so the scent of the resin can vary depending upon the origin of the resin.

The scent of dragons blood resin goes great with fragrances such as cedarwood, clove, orange, and patchouli.

Metaphysical Meaning of Dragons Blood Incense

Elemental Symbolism: Fire

Astrological Symbolism: Aries, Sagittarius, and Scorpio.

Planetary Symbolism: Mars

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