The Meaning & Benefits of Frankincense Resin

burning frankincense in a metal bowl

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Frankincense is a name which describes the resin of trees from the Boswellia genus of evergreen trees.

There are over 25 different species of frankincense.

Plant Family: Burseraceae.

Synonyms: Beyo, luban, maidi, mohor, aand olibanum.

Origin: Aden, Ethiopia, Eritrea, India, Kenya, Oman, Somalia, Southern Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen.

Parts Used: Tree resin.

What Does Frankincense Smell Like?

The fragrance of frankincense resin can vary heavily depending upon which specific type of Boswellia tree it is harvested from, but the fragrance van range from earthy, resinous, and spicy, to a much brighter citrus-dominant aroma.

The scent of frankincense is good in combination with amber, benzoin, borneal camphor, cinnamon, clove, dragons blood, eucalyptus, ginger, lavender, musk seed, myrrh, opopanax, pine, palo santo, rose, saffron, star anise, and tonka bean.

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Metaphysical Meaning of Frankincense

Elemental Symbolism: Fire.

Astrological Symbolism: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Virgo.

Planetary Symbolism: Sun.

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