The Meaning & Benefits of Sandalwood Incense

Indian Sandalwood

Sandalwood is an aromatic wood which originates in India and Australia.

Sandalwood is also often referred to as chandan.

There are many aspects of sandalwood which differentiate from other fragrant woods. For example, sandalwood takes a long time to go stale. In other words, it can keep it’s fragrance for quite a number of years, or even decades if stored in a pristine manner.

One of the more common uses for sandalwood is it’s use in incense sticks.

Sandalwood has a bright, uplifting scent, unlike any other, which has led to it’s wide-spread adoption in the world of incense.

However, there are many other uses for sandalwood as well.

Religious Offerings

One of the many ways people use sandalwood is the incense they burn for religious offerings, in religions such as Hinduism. The sandalwood is ground into an incense paste, formed into sticks, and then burned. Not only is this an offering to their deities, but it also serves as a way to mask the negative odors which are often common in places of religious worship, due to the number of people who attend.

It is often thought that burning sandalwood helps rid one of their desires and suffering.

Although sandalwood has more of a religious connotation in Eastern cultures, in the west, it is usually thought to be merely a relaxing fragrance.

Incense Stick Meaning
Burning Incense Sticks

Relieves Anxiety

The calming scent of sandalwood is used by many to help relieve themselves of their anxiety. If you’re tense, try burning a sandalwood incense stick.

In theory, it is sort of akin to a warm bath, except you don’t have to get wet.

Enhances Sleep Quality

The aroma of sandalwood is believed by many to enhance the quality of their sleep. Not only is the scent relaxing, but it can help give a focal point for people to focus on, instead of letting their thoughts consume them.

So, if you’re suffering from a light case of insomnia, try burning a relaxing sandalwood incense stick before bed.

However, make sure to extinguish the incense stick before going to sleep!

sleeping girl
A Sleeping Girl | Image by Jess Foami

A Natural Air Freshener

Sandalwood’s humble fragrance can prove to be a lot more bold then one might anticipate! It eliminates odors and kicks them to the curb! Don’t believe me? Try it! It can also help to cover up the scent of second-hand smoke.

Incense is also a lot more natural then the chemical-based air fresheners you can buy in the store!

Safety Tips

If you are burning sandalwood incense in your home, be sure to maintain adequate ventilation. Although the benefits of sandalwood are vast, you should still open a window, or something similar, so you don’t end up inhaling all of the smoke while burning your sandalwood incense.

As mentioned previously in this article, always be sure to extinguish your incense sticks before going to sleep and keep incense away from your pets.

You should also be sure to use a fire-safe incense burner to burn your incense sticks.

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