The Meaning & Benefits of Strawberry Incense


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Due to modern perfumery techniques, fruity and bright scents, such as strawberry, have become available in the form of incense, which otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Strawberry incense sticks are typically made using modern fragrance oils, and can be of natural or artificial origin depending upon the manufacturer. While traditionally, they used materials which were more ‘raw’, they can’t really craft incense sticks in the traditional way because strawberry has a very delicate scent, so the aromatic compounds need to be concentrated in order to withstand the heat from the burning incense stick.

What Does Strawberry Incense Smell Like?

It really depends on the manufacturer, but some of them do replicate the scent of strawberry pretty well, however, some of them are a bit cloyingly sweet or may smell artificial if the manufacturer used synthetic fragrance oils.

Metaphysical Meaning of Strawberry Incense

Strawberry is often considered symbolic of luck and friendship.

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