The Use of Oakmoss as an Incense Ingredient

oak moss

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As the name suggests, oakmoss is a moss which grows primarily on oak trees, although it is known to grow on other trees as well.

Nowadays, oakmoss is a popular ingredient in perfumery due to it’s dark forest-like fragrance.

Plant Family: Usneaceae.

Synonyms: None.

Origin: Central and South Europe.

Parts Used: Whole plant.

What Does Oakmoss Smell Like?

Oakmoss smells has notes of dark forest, moss, earth, with a little sweetness.

The scent of oakmoss is good in combination with basil, cedar, juniper, lavender, myrrh, palo santo, pine, rose, spikenard, and tonka bean.

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Metaphysical Meaning of Oakmoss

Elemental Symbolism: Earth.

Astrological Symbolism: Capricorn

Planetary Symbolism: Jupiter.

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