The Wild Berry Incense Company

imported incense

The Wild Berry is an incense manufacturer from Oxford, Ohio which was established in 1971 by Marc Biales.

They had humble beginnings, starting their journey as a leather shop, selling hand-crafted belts, purses, sandals, and incense. Their incense ended up becoming quite popular.

Nowadays they are one of the largest incense companies in the United States of America. Their products are sold all across the country and are often found in new-age shops or niche stores.

The original Wild Berry store is still open for business, and you can visit them today.

The Wild Berry says:

The store is a nostalgic blast from the past for many who bring their kids in to shop for candy by the scoop, sterling silver jewelry, clothing from around the world, posters, greeting cards, and t-shirts. You can also find imported cigarettes and cigars, tapestries, wind chimes, novelties and many assorted pleasures. – The Wild Berry

Nowadays they have over 90 incense fragrances and are crafting new ones all of the time.

Their ‘Fizzy Pop’ incense sticks are particularly interesting, as they smell just like fizzy soda!

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