What Does Incense Smell Like?

incense smoke

Many people who haven’t burned incense before or are simply new to the practice often wonder what incense smells like and what the limitations are on the craft. The truth is, incense can smell like just about anything.

It all depends on the ingredients incorporated within the recipe. Incense could be a single ingredient, or a complex formula. Anything from sandalwood, oudh, frankincense, flowers, saffron, cinnamon, or just about anything else can be added to an incense. In addition, plant oils or extracts are often added as well.

This article will be a compilation of incense reviews which I have wrote about to help you get an idea of the many various incense styles and scents available.

Divine Eye Fragrance Review

I began to burn these and immediately recognized that these smell similar to another incense stick which I have tried. That similar variety would be Gokula Flora by Darshan. When I mean that these smell similar, I mean that they seem to have a sandalwood base, mixed with what smells like forest flowers and camphor. The camphor note is upfront and is quite clear.

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Divine Eye Incense Sticks by Green Tree Candle Company

India Temple Incense Sticks Review

As for the smell, these incense sticks smell very close to bananas to me. I am not kidding. When I smelled this incense, before even burning it, I was able to smell bananas. After lighting it, also bananas. Yet, the interesting thing is, sometimes other people who I’ve burnt this around often seem to disagree with me. There is also some underlying wood fragrance of some sort, and a moderately strong floral component in it’s fragrance profile. It also smells a little sweet.

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india temple incense sticks

Rasta Love Incense Sticks Review

Once I lit the incense stick, my nose immediately recognized a scent very similar to nag champa, except a little sweeter. Even while burning, this incense did indeed remind me of Satya’s Super Hit. The sandalwood is a little light, and in effect, I smell mostly a powdery floral fragrance. It’s actually not to bad, considering the pack of incense was relatively inexpensive. I could definitely see somebody enjoying this quite a lot, but I don’t think it stands up to more traditional nag champa brands such as Goloka.

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rasta love incense sticks

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