When is the Right Time to Burn Incense Sticks?

incense offering

Of course, one may burn incense sticks whenever they choose! However, there are traditions and customs which many culture use to dictate the burning of incense in certain situations.

Read on to learn about traditional reasons and times in which incense burned.

Burning Incense as a Religious Offering

One of the original and most traditional uses for incense was it’s use as religious offerings. In India they use the term ‘puja’, but this tradition was actually shared among many cultures. In Ancient Egypt, incense has been found in burial tombs, and in Christianity, the story of frankincense and myrrh is unforgettable. Incense was also often burned by Buddhist monks all throughout Asia, including places such as Nepal and Tibet.

Incense Makes a Perfect Meditation Companion

Concentration and focus are key elements to a fruitful meditation session. However, it is often hard for people to get into such states of mind. Incense is a common aid to meditative practice and was even used historically by Buddhist monks. Incense gives one a focal point upon which they can focus and remain in an observant state with fewer distractions. It is similar to using the breath as a focal point, which is quite common in many traditions.

Burning Incense for Relaxation

Of course, incense is great to burn all the time, but one of the favorites of many of my customers is to simply burn it for relaxation purposes.

According to aromatherapy, there are quite a few scents which can help people relax. So, start a bath, light some incense sticks and unwind!

Incense Was Considered Medicinal in Asia

In places such as India and Tibet, incense was historically used medicinally.

Many of the recipes used in Tibetan incense are formulated according to ancient Ayurvedic philosophy. Of course, we don’t make any claims of incense helping in this sort of way, but some cultures still consider it to.

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