Shoyeido Sapphire Incense Review

Shoyeido Incense Sampler

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Today I am reviewing Shoyeido Sapphire incense sticks.

This is another part of their ‘Jewel’ product line.

Shoyeido describes this product as:

Crisp tones of clove and vetiver are highlights of this soothing blend.


This smells heavily of benzoin, vetiver, and spice. The fragrance profile has enough benzoin in it to exude that ‘wet rock’ scent. The vetiver is lovely, exhibiting notes of earth, grass, and oak. The clove is very balanced here.

There are some sweet notes, probably from the sandalwood and additional spices.

It also provides a bit of a cooling sensation when inhaled.

In my opinion, this incense formulation was very well executed.

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