Gyokushodo Jinsui Seikan Incense Review

Gyokushodo Daily Incense Assortment

Today I am reviewing Gyokushodo Jinsui Seikan incense sticks.

Main Ingredients: Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Others
Length: 5.25″
Burn Time: Approximately 25 minutes.
Company: Gyokushodo


Lightly floral. Lightly sweet. A bit of an ‘orange’ colored vibe.

Light aloeswood, light sandalwood, a bit of spikenard, but some floral component overshadows everything else.

Don’t get me wrong, this smells good. The problem is that not only is it a generic (and nice) Japanese incense smell, it is very light. I can barely smell this even when it’s burning right beside me. If you waft it towards your face, it does have a pleasant aroma but I feel like I would have to burn several of these in order to get a decent fragrance. Sadly, this is the issue I have with most low-smoke incense sticks.

The scent does increase slightly as the incense burns, but it’s lacking any deep wood scents.

Overall, it’s very light. It needs a little more character.

Have you tried Gyokushodo Jinsui Seikan incense sticks?

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