Gyokushodo Keiun Koh Incense Review

Dento no Kaori Incense Assortment

Today I am reviewing Gyokushodo’s Keiun koh incense sticks.

Main Ingredients: Sandalwood, cinnamon, clove, borneo camphor, and others.
Length: 5.5″
Burn Time: Approximately 30 minutes.
Company: Gyokushodo

This incense stick has an interesting dark green color, which seems to be different then the pale green color I have read about in other, earlier reviews. I have read the old formulation of this incense used to be different.

The past reviews I have read have mentioned that this is a mild aloeswood and sandalwood blend, but I don’t see aloeswood in the current ingredient list so I am not sure if they removed it or not.

This review is for the newer style of Gyokushodo’s Keiun koh incense sticks.

I’ve burned this incense once before, so this is the second time I have burned it.


The first thing I notice is a beautiful sandalwood scent.

Creamy and buttery and exactly what most people look for in a sandalwood incense stick.

There are some green overtones in the mix, with a slight sweetness coming in through the cinnamon and clove. A very light camphor fragrance is in the background, which makes the grassy overtones seem almost a tad bit minty, but I think this is a an olfactory trick, so to speak.

There are definitely some (natural) oils at play in the formulation.

If there is any aloeswood in this, I can’t really notice it.

This is a very nice incense stick, and Gyokushodo’s entry level into their Dento no Kaori product line. That being said, it is quite mild, and some people may wish to burn a couple of these at a time. Luckily, for Japanese incense, these are relatively affordable.

Have you tried Gyokushodo’s Keiun koh incense sticks?
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