Gyokushodo Saishu koh Incense Review

Dento no Kaori Incense Assortment inside

Today I am reviewing Gyokushodo’s Saishu koh incense sticks.

This is another incense stick from Gyokushodo’s Dento no Koari incense assortment.

These are very artistic incense blends from a traditional incense manufacturer.

Main Ingredients: Aloeswood, Lysimachiae herba (Reiryokoh), Clove, Benzoin, Borneo Camphor, and Others.
Length: 5.5″
Burn Time: approx. 30 min.
Company: Gyokushodo

This incense blend uses a good quality aloeswood and combines it with traditional Japanese incense ingredients.


This is the second time I have burned this incense formulation.

The first thing I smelled is agarwood, although it does not have the depth found in some higher-end varieties. Alongside it, is a certain muskiness, alongside an airy, grassy element from the reiryo-koh. The clove seems to poke it’s head out once in a while, but doesn’t smell as if it’s in constant force. It has a bit of sweetness to it as well.

Overall, this is a decent incense stick, and if you are looking for a comparatively cheaper agarwood & reiryo-koh incense stick, this may be worth your time.

That being said, this blend would smell much, much better with a slightly deeper agarwood fragrance profile, but that’s often the case nowadays, with the rising prices of quality agarwood. In it’s current state, it’s a very balanced aroma, and in my opinion, perhaps a bit to much so.

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