Seikado Shoun Aloeswood Incense Review

Seikado Shoun Aloeswood Incense Sticks

Today I am reviewing Seikado Shoun aloeswood incense sticks.

I received one stick of Seikado Shoun as a sample from a Japanese incense company.

Main Ingredients: Aloeswood and others.
Length: Approximately 6.5″
Burn Time: Approximately 35 minutes.
Company: Seikado


This smells of wonderful Vietnamese aloeswood. You can really smell it on this one. It smells very musky, with equal amounts of bitterness from the aloeswood, and spiciness from reiryo koh.

The aloeswood does have a little depth, but not quite like kynam. When wafted towards your nose, the bitterness seems to really shine. It definitely has a quality aloeswood base.

A very nice and high-quality incense formulation.

If you’re a fan of reiryo koh, you’ll surely love this one.

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