Kunmeido Shoryu Koh (Rising Dragon) Incense Review

Kunmeido Shoyru Koh Rising Dragon Incense Sticks

Today I am reviewing Kunmeido Shoryu Koh incense sticks.

Shoyru Koh translates to “Rising Dragon”

These come in attractive grey packaging, adorned with Japanese lettering.

The product description states:

“Shoryu” means Rising Dragon. This incense has a good scent of Aloeswood and other herbs.

Main Ingredients: Aloeswood, sandalwood, and other Herbs
Length: 5.5″
Burn Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Company: Kunmeido

This incense formulation is an agarwood and sandalwood blend with traditional Chinese herbs.


This is a pretty good agarwood-based incense, but the agarwood doesn’t seem to be the main focus here. Although you can definitely smell the agarwood (with just a tad bit of smokiness), it’s seems as though they tried to balance the agarwood scent with the aroma of the other ingredients.

Herbaceous green notes align themselves alongside the agarwood.

There are some heavy spices (definitely some cinnamon) at play in the fragrance profile. You can literally smell the spices coming off of the bare stick before you burn it.

There is something warming to the scent, but I am not sure if this is the large amount of cinnamon they seem to have added, or if it is something else, such as ginger lily. It’s a bit hard for me to tell because of the other notes coming off of the incense.

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