Best Shoyeido Incense Sticks

Shoyeido Premium Incense Sampler

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Here I am going to list what I consider to be the best Shoyeido incense sticks.

The list will start at the cheaper options, and go up in price as the list continues.

Moss Garden

Shoyeido Moss Garden incense sticks are probably the most popular incense blend from the Shoyeido’s “Daily Incense” product line. The benzoin and patchouli are the heart of this fragrance. A very playful fragrance. I would happily burn this everyday.

Here is my view on Shoyeido Moss Garden incense sticks.

Pride of Kyoto

Shoyeido Pride of Kyoto incense sticks are simply fantastic.

Agarwood, benzoin, and a hefty helping of clove.

It is meant to exhibit the very essence of the city of Kyoto.

Here is my view on Shoyeido Pride of Kyoto incense sticks.

Beckoning Spring

Shoyeido Beckoning Spring incense sticks have amazing floral notes.

Other additions to the scent include camphor, patchouli, and clove.

A truly amazing scent which actually clears my sinuses due to the large amount of camphor in the formulation.

This is one of my personal favorite incense sticks from Shoyeido.

Here is my view on Shoyeido Beckoning Spring incense sticks.


Shoyeido Infinity incense sticks have a very potent bitter agarwood scent.

Surprisingly, I almost prefer this incense stick to Translucent Path.

For whatever reason, I feel it has a little more character, despite having less of a kyara aroma.

Here is my view on Shoyeido Infinity incense sticks.

Translucent Path

This is Shoyeido’s flagship kyara incense stick. It is also their most expensive. They state that it took them a decade to perfect this recipe. It is a decadent bitter Vietnamese kyara incense stick. Probably one of the best ones I’ve ever smelled, from any incense manufacturer.

Here is my view on Shoyeido Translucent Path incense sticks.

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