Shoyeido Beckoning Spring Incense Stick Review

Shoyeido Premium Incense Sampler

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Today I am going to be reviewing Shoyeido Beckoning Spring incense sticks.

Beckoning Spring Incense Packaging

So, this particular incense I received came in their ‘Premium Incense Assortment’ sampler pack, which I purchased along with some other of their products.

The sampler pack contained the following incense sticks:

These incense sticks are marketed as ‘All Natural’ and are said to contain no synthetic oils or fragrances. A lot of people are picky about the quality of incense they burn, and you should be too. Remember that you are inhaling whatever incense you are burning, so it’s important that it is non-toxic.

The product description says:

Beckoning Spring creates an aura of lush tranquility in any home or work space.

The scent profile is supposedly comprised of clove, patchouli, camphor, and sandalwood. I’ve read some places that there is some aloeswood in this as well, but I am not sure if this is true or not.

Beckoning Spring Fragrance Review

So, this is the first time I have burned Beckoning Spring incense sticks from Shoyeido.

In Ohio, where I am from, we have reasonably cold winters, and only a modest amount of sunlight compared to the rest of the world. So the name ‘Beckoning Spring’ was quite appealing to me. I wish I could beckon spring in a more literal way.

Once I began to burn this incense, I quickly realized how much I liked it.

The sandalwood base shows a constant fragrance. You can tell it’s high quality sandalwood. There’s no bitter element there, which you can sometimes smell in cheaper woods. The clove adds a deep depth to the sandalwood and seems to draw out it’s finer qualities. The spice element seems to weave a loom of uncertainty within it’s profile. The patchouli adds a playful element which I have mentioned in some of my prior reviews. The camphor scent is stronger then one might expect, considering it’s not a major ingredient in the ingredient list.

Corresponding with the name of the incense, this incense does remind me of spring.

It has a light, playful scent which is easy to hone in on.

One thing I found interesting about this incense is that burning it seemed to completely clear my sinuses. I assume this is the effect of the camphor. I’ve experienced similar things with camphor or eucalyptus essential oil.


If I could afford to burn these all of the time, I definitely would.

I can’t say it enough. I really love these and I would mark it as one of my favorite incense sticks of all time.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

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