Shoyeido Tranquility Incense Review

kyoto moon incense sticks

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Today I am reviewing Shoyeido Tranquility incense sticks.

These came in Shoyeido’s Kyoto Moon incense sampler.

Product description:

A blend of sandalwood and cedar promotes a relaxing, woodsy environment.

Ingredients list:

Sandalwood (Santalum), Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana L.) and other spices.


This is an interesting incense stick.

It has a fabulous blue color and the scent is interesting as well.

The scent is as described. Mostly sandalwood, with a reasonable amount of cedar. I’m not sure what spices they chose to include in this blend. It also smells like there is a little benzoin in there, but supposedly there isn’t any.

There’s something herbal in there that seems to show itself once in a while.

This is a relaxing scent and I enjoyed burning it.

Have you tried this incense stick?

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