Brilliant Peaks (Kiho) Incense by Shoyeido Review

brilliant peaks incense

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Today I am reviewing Shoyeido Brilliant Peaks incense sticks.

Due to the cheap price of these incense sticks, I purchased a back along with some other incense I recently ordered from Shoyeido.

The description on their website says this:

A playful, basic sandalwood stick, economically priced for everyday enjoyment.

So, it’s supposed to be a basic sandalwood stick, without much else. I have read that there are supposedly some spices added to the mix as well. What I do know is that since these are made by Shoyeido, that these are a natural and pure sandalwood incense.


I lit a stick of this incense when I began planning and writing the preface for this review, so I’ve been smelling it for probably close to 10 minutes already.

It’s actually quite nice for what it is, but it really is basic in nature. If you don’t mind a cheaper, natural sandalwood scent, without all the bells and whistles, then this might be right up your alley. Not everybody needs nor wants a super complex incense, and a classic fragrance like sandalwood never goes out of style.

I do smell some spices in there. Maybe a little cinnamon and clove, but there isn’t a lot of it there. A slight bit of a smokey smell, but that’s to be expected from a cheaper, non-perfumed sandalwood incense stick. It definitely lacks the classic butter and milk notes of quality sandalwood.

The smell is light. It’s not like, say, Balaji’s Chandan (sandalwood) incense sticks which can light up a whole house with it’s aroma. This sort of sits in the background. It doesn’t want all of the attention. It just wants to hang in the room with you. I hope you understand what I mean by this.

This is definitely an incense stick for incense lovers though. If you’re not accustomed to incense or don’t yet have a seasoned nose, then you might want something with a little more attitude, or spunk. This is a simple wood fragrance, and not the best quality one. However, for something like meditation where you simply want to create a focal point, I could see this playing the role quite well.

It would also work very well to simply ‘clear the air’.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

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