Shoyeido Incense Road Frankincense Incense Review

Incense Road Sampler Assortment

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Today I am reviewing Shoyeido Incense Road frankincense incense sticks.

With my recent purchase from Shoyeido, I received a sample of 3 different incense sticks from their Incense Road line. The thing about this sampler pack is that they actually don’t seem to sell it. It’s not available on their website and I can’t seem to find mention it anywhere.

What I received was a stick each of the following scents: Frankincense, sandalwood, and spicy chai.

I haven’t tried their Incense Road line before so I’m excited to review it today.

So, the sticks are really small. They are a total of 2.75 inches long. I thought this was weird but apparently they the normal sticks they sell are the same length. However, I will say that the stick smells quite strongly of quality frankincense, even before lighting it, so I’m sure this small stick is going to pack a punch.

The Shoyeido website describes this incense as the following:

For our beloved Nan-zan incense recipe, we seek only the highest quality of raw frankincense available. Once you’ve tried this singular incense, we think you’ll see why we use only the best frankincense resins. Simply superb!

Anyways, let’s see what they are all about.

‘Incense Road’ Frankincense Incense Review

So, I just lit this very tiny incense stick and immediately I smell a very high quality frankincense. It’s quite pungent. The sweet smelling resin is very clear in the fragrance profile. I can sense some sandalwood fragrance in there as well, which smells very nice with the frankincense.

There is a clear difference between this ‘Incense Road’ frankincense incense and the ‘Overtones’ frankincense incense which I reviewed earlier. The Overtones was very nice but wasn’t quite the frankincense incense which I would personally love to burn all of the time. This one is different. It smells very pure. It’s almost like burning the resin along with some sandalwood, except without the messy hot charcoal. I could see myself burning this one again. It smells absolutely delightful.

These certainly do pack a punch. I do think 2.75 inches is probably a little small. I wish this incense stick would have been bigger, but with how pungent the scent is, I could maybe see why they decided to go that route. I only burned about half of the stick and the smell seems to be reasonably strong. The frankincense fragrance was so nice that I decided I would save the other half to share with somebody I know who happens to love frankincense.

As far as frankincense incense sticks are concerned, this is probably one of the best ones which I have burned. It’s very nice, but you can always buy a pure frankincense resin style incense stick and get a purer experience. However, I personally really liked the addition of the sandalwood. I’m not sure if there are added spices or not.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

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