Gyokushodo Jinko Yozei Incense Review

Gyokushodo Daily Incense Assortment

Today I am reviewing Gyokushodo Jinko Yozei incense sticks.

These are a part of Gyokushodo’s Daily Assortment incense sampler.

Supposedly these are made from a Vietnamese aloeswood with other ingredients.

Main Ingredients: Aloeswood and others.
Size: Approximately 6″
Burn Time: Approximately 30 minutes.
Company: Gyokushodo


This has a classic bitter Vietnamese agarwood scent. If somebody asked me what Vietnamese agarwood smelled like, then this would be it. There seems to be some oils in the mix, contributing a musky aroma to the fragrance profile. I also believe there may be some camphor in the formulation. Possibly a bit of clove. It doesn’t detract from the bitter Vietnamese agarwood though.

The fragrance has a moderate strength.

This is a very high quality incense, especially considering the price.

They also seem to burn a while.

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