Shoyeido Friend of Pine Incense Review

Friend of Pine Incense Sticks

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Today I am going to be reviewing Shoyeido Friend of Pine incense sticks.

The product description says:

A fresh, cool fragrance, reminiscent of a breeze passing through an ancient pine forest.

Supposedly the fragrance profile consists primarily of benzoin, sandalwood, and cinnamon, but judging by the name, I assume there is some pine in there as well.

Friend of Pine Fragrance Review

Immediately upon burning this, I noticed right away that this was a benzoin heavy incense. There are elements of camphor as well, which make the scent seem penetrating in a way. The heaviness of the benzoin is paired with a lighter, although still very noticeable pine note.

This is a very ‘forest’ sort of scent. It’s blended in such a way that it protrudes a wispy almost perfume-type sort of quality. I believe there is some patchouli and spices in here as well.

This incense is actually quite wonderful, and being the cheapest of Shoyeido’s premium incense line, I could see myself burning this again.

I am a fan of benzoin heavy incense. Personally, I really like the heavy, earthy, almost wet sort of smell that it provides. I find that the smell brings me a sense of peace.


The smell of these incense sticks make me feel like I’m wandering through an enchanted pine forest. A unique benzoin and pine experience which is worth experiencing, although is perhaps a bit masculine in nature.

I purchased a 35 stick package of these and may be interested in purchasing these again, simply because I really liked them. I could see people who don’t normally even like incense appreciating the smell that these provide.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

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