Shoyeido Overtones Frankincense Incense Review

shoyeido overtones incense stick sampler

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Today I am going to be reviewing Shoyeido Overtones frankincense incense sticks.

The product description says:

Frankincense, a blissful fragrance derived from the resins of desert-dwelling trees, creates an air of calm and contemplation.

I assume this is supposed to smell simply of frankincense.

Shoyeido Overtones Frankincense Fragrance Review

These do smell of frankincense. A slightly musky, slightly sweet typical frankincense smell. They smell very natural but I’m not sure if I’m smelling the resin or some sort of essential oil.

There’s probably some sandalwood and benzoin in there as well.

Some people may appreciate that this is a lighter type of frankincense scent, while still smelling authentic. However, I actually prefer heavier resin dense smell in comparison to whatever this is.

These didn’t particularly wow me and I probably wouldn’t purchase these again.


A decent frankincense incense stick, but I would rather opt for one with more resin content.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

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