Shoyeido Great Origin Incense Review

Shoyeido Natural Incense Assortment

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Today I am going to be reviewing Shoyeido Great Origin incense sticks.

The product description says:

Sandalwood and cinnamon combine to promote comfort and insight.

I haven’t burned this particular incense before but from the description, I assume it’s going to smell mostly of sandalwood and cinnamon.

Great Origin Fragrance Review

This is the first time I have burned Shoyeido Great Origin incense sticks.

This is one of the cheaper varieties in Shoyeido’s ‘Daily’ model range.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after letting it burn for about 15 minutes, I think I am ready to do my review.

To me, this smells similar to a Tibetan styled incense of around the same price.

It’s has some harsh elements, and smells sort of like a campfire (albeit the good kind).

It’s hot and dry.

A basic sandalwood scent with bits of cinnamon and camphor showing through.

It doesn’t seem very complex to me.

Nothing to extraordinary.

Sadly, this was not one of my favorites, but if you appreciate the dry nature of cheap Tibetan incense, then you may enjoy this, as its also fairly inexpensive.


I think this one smells similar to cheap Tibetan incense, with various shades of hot, dry, and smokey.

Maybe this one just isn’t for me.

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