Shoyeido Overtones Tea Leaves Incense Review

shoyeido overtones incense stick sampler

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Today I am going to be reviewing Shoyeido Overtones tea leaves incense sticks.

Shoyeido Overtones Tea Leaves Incense Packaging

So, this particular incense I received came in their ‘Overtones’ sample pack, which I purchased along with some other of their products.

The sampler pack contained the following incense sticks:

  • Sandalwood
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Frankincense
  • Tea Leaves
  • Palo Santo
  • Patchouli

This appears to be a collection of natural-styled fragrances. It seems like a reasonable assortment, where just about anybody should find a few variants which they like.

These incense sticks are marketed as ‘All Natural’ and are said to contain no synthetic oils or fragrances. A lot of people are picky about the quality of incense they burn, and you should be too. Remember that you are inhaling whatever incense you are burning, so it’s important that it is non-toxic.

The product description says:

Tea Leaves – the aromatic key ingredient of countless comforting concoctions for people throughout the world.

Supposedly this incense is comprised primarily of tea leaves and spices.

Shoyeido Overtones Tea Leaves Fragrance Review

I’ve never smelled a tea leaf incense before, not to mention one which incorporates spices, but I am an avid tea drinker and know a bit about various Asian teas and so forth.

This incense does smell like tea, but I happen to love tea so much that I found it peculiar to be smelling that warm bitter quality of tea leaves without the addition of the hot beverage.

I suppose the scent is pretty good, as well as accurate, but I personally find this to be a sort of novelty incense. I would rather just drink tea, and I usually drink tea while I burn incense anyway. Simply making a cup of tea can leave behind a similar fragrance, without the smokey aspect.


If you want a green tea incense, then this is a pretty decent one.

I’m just not sure if it’s a scent everybody would want to burn all of the time and although the fragrance is rather nice, I think I would rather just make a cup of green tea.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

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