Shoyeido Moss Garden Incense Review

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Today I am going to be reviewing Shoyeido Moss Garden incense sticks.

The product description says:

Moss Garden is one of Shoyeido’s oldest and best-loved incense recipes. An impeccable blend of sandalwood, patchouli, and benzoin constitute this enchanting fragrance, evocative of plum flowers blooming by the windows.

It’s interesting to note that this is one of Shoyeido’s oldest recipes.

Moss Garden Fragrance Review

This one is really special. The sandalwood is placed behind the benzoin, but they are pretty balanced. I can smell the patchouli on the high notes. I am not sure if they actually added plum flowers or something else of that nature, but I definitely detect a light, but noticeable floral sweetness which seems to creep in slowly, like the sun does through your window in the morning.

Once the smell begins to dissipate, it does, in a way, smell similar to a moss garden, perhaps after a light rain.

It’s not an overpowering fragrance, but I wouldn’t consider it as light as some other Japanese incense varieties. Once it’s burned for a little while the notes show themselves beautifully.

This is unlike some other Shoyeido incenses with floral names such as Shoyeido Kyoto Cherry Blossoms, which don’t really smell floral at all.

I am listening to a song by the famous Chinese musician Chen Yue while I write this review. The incense has set a proper mood for this and if you would like listen and have the same experience I did, then click play on the YouTube embedded player below. Although not all of you may enjoy it her music, perhaps some of you will. I personally find it quite relaxing.

If you enjoyed the song then please comment and let me know, because I would love to hear from you.


This is one of my personal favorites from Shoyeido’s cheaper ‘Daily’ range.

I would really recommend this one and I feel most people would enjoy it.

However, if you don’t appreciate the scent of benzoin, then perhaps you may want to look for a different incense stick.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

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    Wendy Bloch says:

    Hi! I made a couple of purchases based on your recommendations. I love the Moss Garden but don’t like Pride of Kyoto very much. Knowing this, which of the others on your best of Shoyeido incense would you recommend for me to try? Thanks

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