Shoyeido Overtones Palo Santo Incense Review

shoyeido overtones incense stick sampler

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Today’s review: Shoyeido Overtones palo santo incense sticks.

The Shoyeido website describes this incense as:

This South American “holy wood” has been used in medicine and spiritual practice since the days of the Inca. With invigorating notes reminiscent of citrus, pine, and aged wood, Palo Santo ascends as a favorite fragrance among incense enthusiasts.

The incense stick I received in the sample pack is rather small. I think it’s about 2.75 inches. However, their normal packs of this incense come in a larger size, at 8.75 inches.


So, upon first lighting this incense stick, the first thing I smelled was a wood and spice base. It actually took a few minutes for the palo santo smell to develop, but it does smell like real palo santo. It just seems that there are some other fragrant materials in this as well, perhaps sandalwood, spices, and probably some filler.

I would say these are pretty good, and relatively smoke-free compared to most other palo santo incense sticks which incorporate large amounts of the raw palo santo wood. They are also relatively cheap compared to some other options on the market.

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